Home Visits

How do you make your Christmas Party one to remember? Invite Santa Claus to meet with your guests, pose for pictures and tell stories that will have everyone asking "How good do you have to be to have the Real Santa Claus at your party?" Santa is also available for a limited number of "Sneak and Peeks" where he delivers your children's gifts under the Christmas tree while they are suppose to be sleeping snug in their beds.


Parades and Tree Lightings

Nothing says the holidays are here better than a parade or tree lighting. These events really get the spirit flowing and one thing that can make them even better is to have Santa Claus involved. Santa is very good at flipping the switch to illuminate the town's tree and riding in elaborate floats acknowledging every child along the parade route.


Corporate Events

Employees and staff really enjoy feeling appreciated and nothing says we acknowledge the good work you have done all year than a corporate Christmas party.  Whether it is an adult affair or a family event, the party is not complete unless you also invite Santa Claus to help spread the holiday cheer and even hand out those Christmas bonuses if you want.


While rates can be considered on a visit-by-visit basis, here are the general current rates:

Home Visit - $100 per hour

Corporate Event - $150 per hour - 2 hour minimum

Christmas Eve Sneak and Peek - $100 lasts about 10 minutes

Charity Events - No Charge to certified Non-Profit Entities

Mrs. Claus add-on - $50 per hour when she is available

All rates are subject to change if excessive travel (more than 1 hour) is included.

Email us with a description of your event and we can always work out a rate that is agreeable to both parties involved.

Payment Options

Bartow Santa Claus is happy to accept payments via PayPal, check or cash.

For those who wish to pay via PayPal an invoice will be created and emailed directly to you.  From the invoice you can submit your payment in a quick and easy manner.

If you wish to pay by check simply make the check payable to: Ron Hill.  Ron is our bookkeeping elf and will ensure that the funds are properly distributed.

Some folks want to pay using good ol' cash. If you choose this option we ask that the payment is made in a discreet manner.  It never looks good when Santa is handed money. Simply put the money in an envelope and say something along the lines of "Santa, we wanted you to have this Christmas Card from our family." Or "Is it too late to give you my list?"

Next Steps...

Contact us today for availability and pricing for these events.